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Nanci Rome  

17150 Meadowview Rd. Prairieville, LA  70769: 

"I was born and raised in the beautiful little hamlet of Narrowsburg. I love many things about the area! I loved being able to walk to school and not worry about my safety, I loved the community spirit of everyone helping one another, I loved the fourth of July parades where people actually cheered for our Veterans and respected the flag, where the firemen and the scouts were all honored and respected. I loved being able to take walks in the woods and sit by the streams and have picnics by the arch bridge. I loved helping my Dad and Mom place the flags on the graves of our fallen heros who gave us each breath of freedom we take for granted. Going to Narrowsburg Central K-12 was a wonderful experience enriched by teachers who truly cared about you as an individual! I loved going through Skinners Rapids the second time after realizing the thrill of surviving the first. I loved growing up in a small town and being a country girl and I thank my parents (Dot and Herm Ropke) for making my life better through their examples and faith and hard work. This is a great site! Thanks"



Jim Rathbun  

Grand Rapids, MI   

March 8, 2001:

"I don't have much of a Narrowsburg story, just that one of our families most memorable vacations was to Peggy Runway - probably 35+ years ago. I was only 4 or 5 at the time, but my sisters are older and they talk about it all the time. I wasn't even sure where it was, an internet search got me to this site. 

Can anyone tell me if the resort is still there? Is it operating? any history or facts would be appreciated."


Jackie Healy  

37 Bayridge Road  Henderson, NV  89014 

March 10, 2001:

"I moved to the beautiful town of Narrowsburg in 1972 and attended school there until 1982, when I graduated and went into the USAF. There were so many great memories from the beautiful town. The peace of mind of feeling safe while outside playing with friends and camping town by the stream behind the Lang's house to canoeing down the quiet Delaware river. I often think about back home and the great friends, I still have there and keep in touch with. I now live in Las Vegas, the city of lights and the fast pace of the number one growing city in the United States. I have lived here since 1987, currently working as a police officer. I am married to a beautiful woman and have 3 great children. My wife teaches fifth grade at the Catholic school our children attend. We have surrounded our family with wonderful friends, who have the same beliefs as we do. Protecting the children is an everyday task, but with great family values and a good religious backing, along with good sport programs, we have been blessed and successful. I hope to return to Narrowsburg this summer for the school reunion. Thank you for all the great memories!!!" John & Maria Healy


Dr. Wayne W. Mouritzen  

110 East Smith Drive  Pickens, SC  29671 

March 13, 2001:

"Narrowsburg means lots of happy memories now fading somewhat. It means wonderful times for a boy from Brooklyn to escape to the country for wonderful summer holidays. I remember walking across the Delaware River from New York to Pennsylvania. It means boarding houses. My family loved Lou Campfield's. I remember this city boy having to bring Hershey's syrup to dinner to cover up all that cream in the milk :-) I liked watching movies with a sheet for a screen as entertainment at Campfield's and at the Narrowsburg Theater. How I used to love watching the Erie RR from Campfield's old place. I remember staying at Zeiner's and Flora Ohlsen's in Lava. And I remember walking everywhere especially to get a ice cream cone at Gus Schuler's or a milk shake on Main Street in Narrowsburg. I used to like it when my folks got a drink or two at Tony Wiernicke's and I got popcorn or a hamberger and went up to the RR Station to watch the trains come in. Then I remember the churches. I went to most of them with my family and friends. Aunt Stella and Uncle Roy Gramlick would take me to the Catholic church with the Franciscan friers. I liked the little Methodist church the best but the prettiest was the Lutheran church in town. I loved the Fireman's Field Day in Lava. I loved watching deer which were abundant all around the Town of Tusten. And it was in Narrowsburg that I developed a thurst for gold old birch beer. I would like one right now. Thank you Narrowsburg for happy memories!"


Dr. Wayne W. Mouritzen

110 East Smith Drive  Pickens, SC  29671

August 9, 2001:

"My memories of Narrowsburg shine brightly now as I visited with my daughter and her family July 28-30, 2001.  We had to stay in Milanville though.  It seems sad that the boarding houses in Narrowsburg and Lava are all gone.  I enjoyed visiting the Maple Grove Farm though it is in disrepair.  Main Street is a bit of a disappointment but the overlook area is lovely.  We attended St. Paul's Lutheran Church and though my three year old grand daughter slept through the service she had a special blessing prayed upon her by the pastor and the congregation was spared listening to a children's sermon!   :-)   I was amused by the choice of NY-PA mailboxes on the PA side of the bridge.   We enjoyed visiting the History Room at the Library and visiting with Emily Hallock a very knowledgeable and helpful lady. Best of all I came home with two cases of diet birch beer!!!!!"

Maddy E. Jacobs

8 Heritage Place  Ballston Spa, NY 12020

August 2001:

"How does one define what childhood can only enlighten us with?   I am one of many to come to this place.   A place of meeting to be sure.   There was a camp.  Welmet.   My childhood and adulthood always held fast to this area.   The scenic beauty, the lake its rocks. I was glad for friends there and as a writer know well that for all those who came each summer, magic and friendship abounded!


Sayreville,NJ 08872

October 2 2001:


"Summertimes, my Grandfather would take me to Narrowsburg. We'd stay at Campfield's.  One year my Mom even worked there helping Mrs. Campfield in the kitchen.   I learned how to braid hair on the cows tails.   Floyd Campfield would take great pleasure in squirting me with milk, as he milked the cows.   Picking veggies from the garden, slopping the pigs.  Going blueberry picking, then finding them in the hot bisquicks the following morning.  Sitting out, in the evenings watching the deer.   Many many warm and fuzzy memories of Narrowsburg, Campfields, and Grandpa.


Elaine Edenburn

Las Vegas NV 89115
January 26 2002:

"My family frequented Narrowsburg from the late 1950's until we left NY in '66. 
My father's friend from Con Edison owned one of the boarding houses called Duffy's River View on 97.  It had a small lake on the property and I remember us kids would all run from the big front porch when  we heard a train so we could wave at the engineer and the guy in the caboose.  Charlie Duffy passed away in the early '60s but Flo Duffy and her boys ran it after that.  I imagine it is long gone, now. 

It was near the Win-Hen motel and a small restaurant named Daisy's,  I think. We would go in to town on  Sunday to the petty white Catholic Church near the bridge and then go over to PA to see an underground fire that had been  burning for 150 years (?). Carbondale or Honesdale?  We also made trips to the monastery in Calicoon. 

My greatest memories are the Narrowsburg trips.  We would go up on Memorial Day and Labor Day to help  them get the resort ready for the season. 
I remember a bunch of us little kids crossing the Delaware on foot.  Those were the days."

Dawn Percontino
328 71st Street
Guttenberg,NJ 07093
March 16, 2002:

Hi. my name is Dawn. 
I'm 18 years old. 
My grandparents, Mae and Jim Murphy have lived in Narrowsburg for a while now. Before they moved up there permanently, they would go up on the weekends and take me with them many times. 

I have so many fond memories of Narrowsburg. Going to Skinner's Falls and rafting, going to Peck's Market with my Grandma and shopping, eating at the Chatterbox Cafe...I could go on for ever. 

Narrowsburg is one of the most relaxing and beautiful places I remember from childhood. I love it there. I just wanted to share my memories with you. Thanks!!!

North Carolina:

"I'm Holly, I used to live in Narrowsburg I remember walking from my Grandfather's home in the flats to the library in town. I remember walking the river bank because
Grandpa's house was right across from the falls. When we left there was only a small family of Eagles...

I later heard from our old neighbor that there are many of them, only a couple of years later...
I kinda wonder how many there are now. Also.. I've been living down south and have picked up a southern accent so anyone who used to know me probably wouldn't recognize my voice
anymore so don't be surprised if I call." ;)

Edward Reith

4010 W. Montgomery Terrace
Tampa, Florida 33616-1228
May 10 2002:

"Was surprised to see this Narrowsburg site and stories from people about the town.
I spent summers in the 1935-1940 with my grandparents who at that time owned
Lava Mountain House in Lava. My grandparents were Mr.& Mrs. Edward Schmitt.
My fathers parents lived next door and that Was Mr & Mrs Frank Reith Senior.

I remember the Catholic church and remember my grandmother Schmitt dying in Callicoon hospital. My uncle Frank Reith Jr lived top of the mountain over looking Narrowsburg.

My father was Charles Reith and he and my Uncle Ed Schmitt and my mother entertained
the local people with the band they had back in 1930. I think it was called the Lava Mt. band."

Sincerley Yours, 

Edward Reith

Alicia Rudin

June 15 2002:

"I was another Wel-Met attendee. 

I even got to work there as a clerk the last year it was open.  My parents met at Camp as counselors and my mom was a camper there. I have incredibly fond memories about Camp and the beautiful area around there.  I remember canoeing down the Delaware. 
I'd love to hear from other Wel-Met campers!"

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